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When planning where you will be getting ready for the wedding day, keep in mind these two tips for gorgeous getting ready photos: Lighting and Style. Choosing your bridal room will play a big role in your wedding photos.

For beautiful portraits, natural light is key! Light coming from directly overhead (like ceiling lights) casts some strange shadows, and isn’t the most flattering (not to mention the effects florescent light has on your skin tone). When natural light comes in through a window, it is soft, even, and just so beautiful! Make sure there is at least ONE good window in your bridal room. This will do wonders for your portraits. The bigger the window the better, but as long as there is one good window I can work around that. Also be sure to keep this area free from clutter, since it is where we will photograph your bridal portraits once you are completely ready.

Also consider the decor of the room compared to the style of your wedding. If your wedding is classic and elegant, but the bridal room features modern, geometric decor, there may be a disconnect. Telling the story of the wedding day begins in the bridal room. When you match your style and emotion of your wedding throughout each element of the day, it will make for a cohesive album in the end. Here are some album spreads featuring one of my favorite getting ready rooms (at Bedford Village Inn). The elegant and spacious feel of the room lent itself beautifully toward Eleanor and Rustin’s classic, romantic, New England wedding.



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Tips for Getting Ready Photos | Choosing Your Bridal Room

May 9, 2016